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DMTP7 Drum Kit Mic Package

CAD Drum Mic Kit  CAD Drum Mic Kit

List $299.00

Pulse Music Price $149.95  You get free shipping!!  Details here


Very affordable quality!  The CAD DMTP7 Drum Mic Touring Pack includes three TM211's for toms with built-in drum mount, one SN210 for the snare drum with built-in drum mount, two CM217 condensers for overhead micing, and one KM212 for the bass drum, all in a protective travel case.  Item # DMTP7.

TM211 Tom/Snare/Hi-Hat MicTM211

TM211 Mic Response Graph

SN210 Snare MicSN210

SN210 Mic Response Graph

CM217 CondenserCM217

CM217 Mic Response Graph

KM212 Bass Drum MicKM212

KM212 Mic Response Graph

Call us toll free at 800.753.6694 to talk with a musician about this product.  We're here to help with your questions, and we guarantee great service and quick & easy ordering.


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